Our story

The year is 2018. The central region of South Africa is occupied by the ‘Romans’. Well, not entirely… One small village of passionate and agriculture-loving VS Agrians has grown into an indomitable family force because of a “live and let others live” attitude, and a motto of “we are the difference”.

But life is not easy for these VS Agrians, because they want to protect the integrity and viability of agriculture, through a promise of ‘service to agriculture’.

The year was 2009. A new company was born; Pro Gas Solutions. Four people passionate about sourcing the best nitrogen on earth, put their ‘Mrs Ball’s Chutney’ on the table with the ardent support of the other Agrians. The goals were to provide the best sourced nitrogen, safely and on time, at a fair cost and supported by sufficient storing space.


The year was 2013. Four Famarians with a passion for farming and fair prices, started their own liquid fertiliser plant in the small village of Vrede, and called it VS Kunsmis. Instead of hunting ‘Romans’, they wanted to farm at a fair cost … and they did!!

It was the year of 2014. One Agrian from the Pro Gas Solutions team and one Farmarian from the VS Kunsmis team met along the rugby battlefields of the village of Reitz. After a few ‘magic potions’, a meeting was called! And suddenly the team consisted of eight! Growing ever stronger with a singular goal in mind: to provide the best agricultural practices.

In the same year, VS Agri was established as the home village.

The sun - source of energy

Plants and cattle tails

(animals) - sound growth

The soil - the basis

and support system

Circle of service and provision

Later that year a new idea was born - a circle of service and provision - all under a blanket of support from the VS Agrians.

2014 was a busy year with VS Kalk joining the family. Their aim? Liming products, delivered at fair cost, from all available sources. And the wild boar as feast? The support of excellent logistics.

2015 brought dry fertiliser blends with a little something extra to the village. Meanwhile, the liquids were running like magic potion - smooth and strong!

2016 and VS Onderdele came to offer a wide inventory including John Deere and other mechanised parts, spanners, parts, cauldrons, etc. After-hours service keeps the sleepless busy!

2016 also brought VS Fuels, which provides 50 and 500 ppm quality fuel at flexible loads of 2 000L to 39 000L. 

2016 saw BluePlanet, the African distribution partner for BluePlanet LLC (a US-based biotechnology company), develop and produce bacterial formulations to enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste in many different applications. In agriculture, their breakthrough formulations significantly improve manure management, enhance plant growth and restore soil health. BluePlanet also offer sludge reduction and water quality management programmes and products.

2016 and VS Chemie is supplying farming chemicals and biological crop protection products at fair and efficient costs, supported by the technical expertise necessary to ensure the best outcome for your crops

2017 brought Saamstaan Voere, a specialist supplier of animal feed products, to round out our solutions with high-quality feed available in different mixes to suit your unique requirements. One of the offerings is the convenience of pre-mixes, with the additional advantage of being able to add in your own grain or feed. This distinctive product offering ensures your livestock has the best possible nutrition.

In the pipeline for 2018: short term insurance, marketing, etc.

The VS Agrian village map looks a bit different to how it did a few moons ago – one big happy family with one goal in mind: to serve the agricultural community and assist nature to the best of our ability.